3.1 Grievance Redress Mechanism Monitoring, Reporting and CPIG Implementation Implications
The Grantee will monitor and assess all grievances relating to the project management and implementation with view of providing the Project manager and MCAG with ongoing up-to-date information about the issues and possible gaps in the project management procedures and practices, which cause concerns to stakeholder, grant applicants and grant beneficiaries.

To this end, the Grantee will prepare concise summary reports of all grievances received at the project office with the resolutions taken and status of resolving, which will be included in the Quarterly Reports Submitted to the Project manager and MCA-Georgia.

The quarterly reports will contain also an analysis of the grievances and recommendations for improvements relating to the policies, procedures, activities format, contents, periodicity, information provision and dissemination and other implementation modalities in order to enhance the quality, effectiveness and efficiency in the PICG interventions.

3.3 Information Disclosure and Confidentiality in Grievance Redressing
All contacts and communications have to be transparent and according to the procedure during the grievance redressing process. The handling of the information received and obtained during the process have to be treated as confidential for the project and can be shared only with the authorised officers, the Project manager, MCAG and the relevant authorities in Georgia if and as required by the Georgian Law.

No information about the grievance investigation, clarification, conclusions and recommendations for solution of the grievance case may be disclosed before the grievance closure report is approved by the GAC.

Any attempt by a tenderer or candidate or natural person to influence the process in any way will result in the immediate exclusion from the procedure or process object to the grievance.

All persons involved in the grievance investigation and report preparation should be familiar with this procedure for grievance redressing and should strictly follow this procedure. They should sign a declaration of impartiality, objectivity, confidentiality and lack of conflict of interest immediately after they learn the title of the project proposals, proposal promoters and names of the claimants, submitting a grievance (Annex 4 to the Grievance Redress Mechanism Handbook).

In case of a conflict of interest or inability for any other reason for the person to fulfil their duties impartially, they have to withdraw from the grievance review or will be relieved from the specific assignment. Where a conflict of interests is found to exist, the person in question shall cease all activities in the matter. The authorising officer by delegation shall personally take any further appropriate action.


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