Faculty of Engineering prepares specialists in Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees. 

Level - Bachelor Degree:


Technical Exploitation of Aircraft is focused on the preparation of highly qualified specialists in the field of technical maintenance of aviation technics. The primary objective for teaching in bachelor’s with above-mentioned specialization is:


  • Acquisition of wide knowledge in aviation sector, which will give students an opportunity to master practical activities in technical maintenance of aircraft;
  • Enhancing theoretical knowledge with practical activities: Based on theoretical knowledge and transfer abilities orientation within rapidly changing environment of technical maintenance of aircraft;
  • Forming capacities and expertise that are required from educational program and constructing a complex view of events and skills and abilities of objective assessment;
  • Preparing high qualified, competitive specialists who will be adequate for the requirements of the labor market, with prospects of getting employed on positions that require Bachelor degree.


Learning Outcomes :



A graduate will have a wide knowledge in the aviation industry in the field of air transport exploitation, which covers:

  • Knowledge of basic concepts and methods of natural sciences; Solve technical objectives of simple and moderate difficulty;
  • Knowledge of computer technics, information technologies, automated design systems;
  • Knowledge of rules of supervising and control of facilities within the system – technical exploitation of aircraft, governmental regulations, and basics of management, basic requirements towards technical documentation (JAA, EASA);
  • Calculations on durability and reliability of aircraft structure and structural elements, knowledge of methods to determine structural and exploitation characteristics and properties;
  • Knowledge of program and operational management methods of exploitation process in aviation technic facilities;
  • Knowledge of basic types and characteristics of technical means of measurements and their metrological characteristics, basics of electrotechnics and electronics, modern electro, radio and flight instruments;
  • Knowledge of rules and regulations of labor protection, safety techniques, industrial sanitary and fire safety; 


LEVEL - Master's Degree:

  • Technical exploitation of aircraft
  • Design and manufacture of aircraft
  • Technical exploitation of aircraft avionics and electrical systems



  • Aircraft maintenance (B1)
  • Aircraft maintenance (B2)


Dean - Professor Givi Tsirekidze

Duration of Education:

Bachelor – 4 years

Master's – 2 years


Vocational Education - 2 years

Field of Employment:
  • Air Companies
  • Airports
  • Aviation Factories
  • Air navigation
  • Educational centers

International applicants must present following documents to apply:

Copy of passport

Certificate of school graduation

Medical documentation, form No. IV-100/A


Contact Person for International Students:

Giorgi Evgenidze

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cell: +995 599 08 25 29 




Addr.: 0103 Tbilisi, Ketevan Tsamebuli ave. № 16
Tel.:  +995 (32) 277 65 71; 
        +995 (32) 277 31 38;
Fax: +995 (32) 277 65 72


Banking requisites: LTD "Georgian Aviation University"
JSC "Procreditbank" Tbilisi main branch.
Account: GE67PC0133600100056253 GEL
(Please specify name, last name, faculty and course year)


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