Planned, ongoing and carried out researches at Aviation University of Georgia

The Aviation University of Georgia is concentrating on the innovative scientific research work by professors, doctoral, master and bachelor students.

The university has a scientific-research center designed to analyze problematic issues in the aviation and work out their solutions.

The main directions of the scientific-research center are:

- Ensuring the safety of flying aircrafts;

- Improving the exploitation characteristics of aviation engines;

- Designing unmanned air vehicles, making experimental samples and testing them.

The Research Institute of Georgian Aviation University together with Ukrainian and Latvian counterparts in 2017 presented a three-year grant project to improve horizontal 2020 ( by improving the performance characteristics and reliability of turboelectric engines using a protective multifunction module.

The project envisages the following scientific-research work:

- Analysis of damage and maintenance services caused by subjects (birds, pebbles, sand particles) without two-tier turboelectric engines of civil aviation;

- Report on the strength of the shock force and its damaging nodes formed by the crash of birds with a base two-turbocharged turbocharged engine and a protective multifunctional module;

- Mathematical modeling of the trajectory of movement of objects without access to a multi-functional multi-functional module for two-tone turbostratic engines using computer programs;

- Determine the trajectories of aerodynamic resistance of multifunctional module and without movement of subjects with the help of aerodynamic tube;

- Use a multifunctional module to reduce the noise levels generated by the base two-tone turbotroactive engine components (Ventilator, Compressor);

- Use new composite materials to prepare a protective module





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